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We continue to pursue the possibility of generating our own community-owned energy from wind and solar on Aran. Our feasibility study estimated that the energy needs of all 3 Aran Islands would be met by a generating capacity of 2.7 MW. One wind turbine is capable of delivering that power.

However, we are considering that two smaller wind turbines would be less obtrusive on the landscape, especially if they could be combined with solar power from photo-voltaic panels. Following a number of public meetings over the last two years, we have set certain criteria for the ideal location of wind turbines on Aran:

1. Not on a main tourist route on the island
2. Not obstructing the primary view of any resident of Aran
3. Not within 500 meters of any home
4. Not in an area of visual beauty

We are also looking suggestions for suitable locations on the other two islands.

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